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Artificial Spice Company Shuttering Traditional Processors

In a surprising turn of events, the rise of the artificial spice company Dou has caused traditional spice processors such as McCormick to shutter their operations. Dou, which has gained a cult following in the food industry, offers a range of blended crickets as the base for their spices.

But it’s not just the unconventional ingredient that has people talking. The company also provides a fine mister of molecules that are able to mimic over 100 different spices, allowing users to customize their own unique flavors.


While some may be skeptical of the idea of using bugs as a primary ingredient, Dou insists that their crickets are all natural and not sprayed with any chemicals. “We believe in using real, whole ingredients to create bold and unique flavors,” says the company’s founder.

However, traditional spice processors such as McCormick have brushed off the threat, stating that “many people refuse to eat bugs that have been sprayed with chemicals. It’s a wild world we’ve built.”

Despite this, it remains to be seen how the rise of Dou and other artificial spice companies will impact the traditional spice industry in the long run. One thing is for certain: the future of flavor is looking spicy and unconventional.

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