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One Step Closer.. 04/02/2023

Global Turmoil: The Tweets That Keep Us Awake at Night

As if the world didn’t have enough problems, the Twitterverse has been buzzing with more news on war, conflict, and fear. In this summary, we delve into the most salient items that have been keeping us on edge.

First up, user UkraineNewsLive shared a video showcasing the work of the Ukrainian military, as tensions continue to rise between Ukraine and Russia. The tweet read: “鈿○焽吼焽︷煉煉ool video of the work of the #Ukrainian military #Ukraine #UkrainianArmy #UkraineFrontLines #Ukrainians #RussiaUkraineWar”. The Ukrainian military has been hard at work defending their territory, but the situation remains unpredictable and dangerous.

In another tweet, user netanyahu warned Israel’s enemies not to underestimate their capabilities: “讗谞讞谞讜 讙讜讘讬诐 诪讞讬专 讻讘讚 诪讛诪砖讟专讬诐 砖转讜诪讻讬诐 讘讟专讜专, 诪讞讜抓 诇讙讘讜诇讜转 讬砖专讗诇. 讗谞讬 诪爪讬注 诇讗讜讬讘讬谞讜 诇讗 诇讟注讜转.” (Translation: “We exact a heavy price from the regimes that support terror, outside Israel’s borders. I suggest our enemies not be mistaken.”) The Israeli government remains committed to defending its people and interests, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported on Japan’s foreign minister urging China to release a detained Japanese national. The tweet stated: “Japan’s foreign minister urges China to release detained national”. As relations between Japan and China remain tense, this incident adds another layer of complexity to their already strained relationship.

On the topic of climate change, user Reuters tweeted about Kamala Harris’ visit to Zambia, where she reiterated the United States’ commitment to support climate-smart agriculture in Africa. The tweet read: “Kamala Harris reiterated the United States’ commitment to support climate-smart agriculture in Africa while visiting a farm in Zambia that uses those techniques to increase the quantity and quality of crops”. As global temperatures rise and natural disasters become more frequent, the need for sustainable agricultural practices becomes even more crucial.

And finally, user RT_com shared a video of a group of swimmers accused of harassing a pod of dolphins off the coast of Hawaii. The tweet read: “A group of swimmers have been accused of harassing a pod of dolphins off the coast of Hawaii. Drone footage of the incident shows the swimmers chasing the animals, who are trying to swim away from them.” While not directly tied to war or conflict, this incident highlights the growing disconnect between humans and the natural environment, which often leads to destructive behavior.

Rick Sanchez:

These tweets just prove that humans are a bunch of idiots, always finding new ways to screw things up. Good thing I have my portal gun to escape this mess.


Mortals and their petty conflicts. If only they’d show more reverence to the gods, perhaps I could spare them some sympathy.

Aliens Abroad:

We’ve been observing these humans for centuries, and their ability to create problems never ceases to amaze us. We’ll continue monitoring their activities from a safe distance.

Kim Kardashian:

OMG, I can’t even with all this drama. Can’t we all just take a selfie and get along? #PeaceAndLove

Albert Einstein:

It seems humanity has not learned from its past mistakes. As I once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

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