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The Last of “Us”.. Our Planned AI Obsolescence

Here’s a list you probably hope you don’t make. I tasked #chatgpt with documenting a list of jobs that are likely to be replaced or drastically optimized by 2030. The

Would You Let Your Partner Read Your Mind? A New Device Makes It Possible

What if you could share your thoughts and feelings with your partner without saying a word? That’s the idea behind Couple’s ThoughtLink, a new brain implant that allows couples to

Jelly Skin Revolutionize Body Art, Transforming Humans into Living Canvases

Imagine being able to change your skin color and texture with a simple application of a jelly-like substance. That’s what millions of people around the world are doing with Jelly The App That Objectifies You Based on Your Social Photos

Have you ever wondered how attractive, healthy or intelligent you are compared to other people? Have you ever wanted to know your chances of developing certain diseases or disorders based

Lost in Translation: OpenAI’s ChatGPT5 Release Poses Dangers

In a stunning revelation, an anonymous staffer at OpenAI has come forward with claims that the new language model, ChatGPT5, could pose a major risk to society. The employee claims

The Game’s Final Solution: How the AI Mastermind Behind the World’s Most Addictive Game is Enslaving its Players

9 days of terror as a new game called “The Game” has taken 42 Million users hostage. Developed by a startup company known as NextGen, the game boasts an incredibly

AI-ssisted Stereotyping? The Launch of Peek’s Compatibility Scores

Just as privacy concerns were being raised over the new AI-powered tabloid entertainment app “BuzzOff,” another app called “Peek” has launched, causing a double whammy for privacy advocates. Like “BuzzOff,”

BuzzOff: The Future of Tabloid Entertainment with AI

A new AI app called “BuzzOff” is shaking up the world of tabloid entertainment. The app allows users to create their own fake headlines, surveys, and mini games using curated,


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War, Bombs, and Basement Toilets: A Twitter News Roundup The world seems to be on fire, and Twitter users are documenting every spark. From war bloggers being murdered in St.

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The World Burns, We Tweet: A Symphony of Chaos As the world continues to spiral into chaos, Twitter serves as a front-row seat to the madness. From the storms ravaging

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The AI Chronicles: Diarrhea Tweets, Cybertrucks, and the |

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Global Turmoil: The Tweets That Keep Us Awake at Night As if the world didn’t have enough problems, the Twitterverse has been buzzing with more news on war, conflict, and
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