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Florida Model Sets World Record with 5,000 Orgasms, Puts Consent and Charity in the Spotlight

In a bold and ambitious move, a Florida-based model has set a new world record by achieving an orgasm with the help of 5,000 people. The record-breaking feat, which took place over the course of 69 days, was achieved through a combination of wireless wearable adult-play devices and 1-on-1 video sessions with participants from around the globe, who controlled the devices remotely. The model, who wishes to remain anonymous, wore a variety of masks during the event. She has stated that the record-breaking attempt was a parody of the infamous Houston 500, a 1990s and early 2000s adult event in which adult actress Houston attempted to have sex with the most men in a single day.

The model’s record-breaking attempt, called the ‘Florida 5,000’, was not only a nod to the Houston 500 but also a call to break the societal taboo and shame around female sexuality. In preparation for the event, the model spent over a year in meditative preparation to be able to complete the challenge. The cost to participate was $100, with proceeds going to a women’s shelter charity. Each participant also received one of 5,000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to commemorate their participation.

This is not the first time that a sex-related world record has been attempted. In the past, there have been records for the longest masturbation session, the most partners in a single day and the most orgasms in one hour. But this new record, the Florida 5,000, may be the first to use technology in such a way.

The model who set the record, claims the experience was empowering and helped her to reclaim her sexuality in a consensual and positive way, also adding that it was a fun and exciting way to raise awareness and funds for a good cause. The orgasms were not just for the model but for the participants as well, as it was a consensual act between all parties.

The Florida 5,000 record-breaking attempt was a truly global event, with participants from all over the world taking part. The organizers made a point to ensure diversity among the participants and the model was in charge to ensure the highest level of consent throughout the process. People from different cultures, races, genders, and sexual orientations were welcome to participate in the event, creating a truly inclusive atmosphere.

This new world record may be controversial and polarizing, but one thing is for certain: it has certainly got people talking. And as the model herself puts it: “It’s not just about breaking records, it’s about breaking barriers and challenging societal norms.” In the end, one can only hope that people will remember the message behind the Florida 5,000 and that is the importance of consent and charity more than the specific act itself. Additional crypto donations are available via nftits.eth

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