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Tall Order: Petite Pet Inc. faces Criticism over Miniature Giraffe Breeding

A new company, “Petite Pet Inc.”, is causing controversy in the world of animal breeding, with the release of their genetically modified miniature giraffes. Standing at just two feet tall, these mini giraffes are being marketed as the perfect pet for those with limited space. However, animal rights activists and conservationists are calling for the company to cease production, claiming that these animals are being cruelly exploited for human entertainment.

Petite Pet Inc. has defended its breeding program, claiming that the giraffes are being treated humanely and that their small size is the result of genetic engineering, not selective breeding. The company also says that by making giraffes smaller they are able to protect the giraffe population from dwindling, which are currently giraffes at risk of extinction in the wild.

“We’re not talking about shrinking giraffes down to the size of a hamster here, these animals are still genetically giraffes, just on a smaller scale,” said the company’s CEO, Dr. Jane Smith. “And by creating a demand for miniature giraffes as pets, we’re able to financially support conservation efforts for their larger wild counterparts.”

Despite Petite Pet Inc.’s claims, many remain skeptical of the company’s intentions. Critics argue that creating a market for miniature giraffes will only further the exploitation of wild giraffes and that the breeding program is ultimately cruel.

“It’s just a way to make money off the backs of innocent animals,” said famous animal rights activist and star of the animal show, Jack Johnson. “These miniature giraffes are not pets, they’re living beings that deserve to be protected and respected.”

Petite Pet Inc. has not only focused on miniature giraffes, but also other animals such as llamas, and the company announced that its pre-orders for miniature llamas are already sold out. The company says that the success of their miniature giraffe program has led to an overwhelming demand, with many potential pet owners eager to get their hands on the adorable animals.

The debate over Petite Pet Inc.’s breeding program highlights the ethical dilemmas surrounding genetic engineering and animal welfare. While the company may see their miniature giraffes as a way to support conservation efforts, it’s clear that the animal rights and welfare must also be considered.

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