Intuitive image generation with the ability to easily modify variables using the slider function. You can also upload your own image and modify it. From the studio of, leader in stability diffusion.

Dreamstudio is a private stable diffusion web application. It currently offers users a significant amount of free credits for image generation. Personally, have had more success with midjourney for creative work and dalle2 for life like images such as photography.  Dream studio also allows for selection of a specific stable diffusion model.

Stability.AI is the private research and development entity behind dreamstudio. Their description is ” Stability AI’s combination of world-class expertise and private supercomputing resources allows it to provide unparalleled foundation model consulting and contracting services to our clients. We help our clients bring their content into the modern era of AI by making it more interactive, intelligent, and accessible, with a focus of applications such as images, film, and VR.”

They offer grants for various research purposes and recently raised a meaningful round of funding. More advanced users also create local and custom installations of stable diffusion.