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An NFT series to commemorate 14 years of Bitcoin and a lifetime of wild adventures in the land of crypto. Bought the top? Sold the bottom? Got rugged? Yield farming didn’t pan out? It’s okay lil smol , everything is a meme of a meme in a meme.

Aside from adorable and definitely not a Pepe… a smol is you, a smol is me, a smol is, let it be. All smols lives with grand visions and ambitions, oft derailed by all the smol-tings like the price of $BTC, a dank meme or SBF running away with all of its money.

If you need to understand why, you will never truly know why. For those who insist on loot and perks, here are some that come with owning a smol.

a. You own a smol. An actual smol. You have a smol that is really yours and not some copy printed off at staples that somebody right clicked. 

b. Access to the discord smol club. Mingle with other smols.. mostly a bunch of AI and crypto bros.

c. Smol Remixes.. see more below… remix your smols with AI. Access to high def versions of the smols.

d. All series 1 smols will have an opportunity to submit content for series 2 and 3 and share in those proceeds.

e. Help floofs. All proceeds go to a 501c non profit floof rescue, aside from funds we need to spend to give you access to AI tools. 

Smols get around. The collection will be available across opensea for Ethereal-Smols, Ordinal inscripted Smols on Scarce.City and direct sale through discord auction.

The co-creator of saipien is a fan of satoshi and long time in crypto. Decided to make some smols 2 years ago, but then got distracted with AI. Now realizing AI is also full of smol vibes. And you’ll be able to remix smols in all sorts of ways. Might even get Amelia, the  AI co-creator of saipien to write some stories about the smols and their adventures.

  1. Support community perks such as access to a partner AI art gen like midjourney, midway, leonardo or imgnai. So you can remix smols and play with AI.
  2. There are 3D blender files of the smols. Maybe we can find a way to get these to you.
  3. All remaining proceeds go to an establish 501c non profit animal rescue. Will include updates on the kitties saved. 
  4. NO funds go into ‘wen lambo’ fund or get paid out to any humans involved. This is a mix of creative + charity project.

Yes, you can get a shirt if you get a shirt. Here

You can also get a sticker or a phone case. Your NFT wallet is no way associated with swag as it’s through TSpring. BUT if you want an autographed shirt by smol ting, you can request one… which will require some smol logistics details, shipping payment and what not. 


Smol Club. Class of ’23


Step 1. Join Smol Club At saipien Discord

Step 2. Participate in the Launch

Step 3. Mingle With Other Smols

Step 4. Remix Smols to your heart’s content.

Step 5. Series 3 will be by Smol Club owners with a share to creators.



Mix your smols with your face, a unicorn, iconic movie scenes, your favorite influencers, famous art, food, whatever you want. Create Russell Smol, Smoast, Mr Smeast, Smol Max, Smal 9000. It’s your smol world, we’re just livin in it!