If you’re great at constructing prompts or struggling and looking for a prompt that generates the output you need, has you covered. Most of the prompts range from $2 to $4.

You can greatly extend the range of midjourney with effective prompts and promptbase includes a marketplace of exceptional examples at an affordable rate. Especially if you are struggling with getting the output that you want or need to work through a large volume or have some urgency. The prompts come with instructions to modify variables and include everything from childrens illustrations, realistic oil paintings, website mockups, engineering drawings, modern living areas, and much more.

PromptBase also allows generation within the platform and offers 5 free credits daily.

Of note! PromptBase is not just for art but also includes GPT3 prompts. Examples of marketplace listings range from writing articles, creating code, creating social media campaigns, generating legal advice and even icebreakers for chats.