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One Step Closer.. 04/01/2023

Surveillance, Censorship, and the Descent into Orwellian Darkness

Today’s Twitter news roundup brings a disturbing glimpse into the future of our freedoms and privacy, as governments around the world tighten their grip on citizens under the guise of national security. From mass surveillance in the US to the hijab law in Iran, the world seems to be moving towards a darker, more controlled reality.

User MarioNawfal’s series of tweets delve into the Restrict Act, a bill that grants the US government unprecedented powers to enforce any mitigation measure on any person or property in the country. According to Nawfal, this Act “imposes controls not on TikTok, but instead on Americans,” effectively allowing for mass surveillance of US citizens. The bill is said to give the President “quasi-communist authoritarian power” that could force companies into sales and revoke licenses for those deemed a threat.

The Restrict Act also allows the government to spy on Americans under the pretext of preventing espionage and election interference. Nawfal highlights the irony of this situation, as the Act itself enables the very spying it claims to prevent. The level of surveillance proposed by the bill is chilling, with the potential to access personal devices, online interactions, phone calls, and even gaming.

In Iran, President Raisi reaffirms that the hijab is the law, as unveiled women face ‘yoghurt attacks,’ a sign of the country’s continued oppression of women’s rights. The tweet by Reuters highlights the ongoing struggle for freedom and equality in a nation where women’s clothing remains a political issue.

Tying back to the theme of government control, user MarioNawfal compares the Restrict Act’s potential consequences to the UK’s draconian laws, citing the forced sale of Roman Abramovich’s football team, Chelsea FC, as an example. The US seems to be following in the footsteps of its European counterpart, with both countries using national security as an excuse for exerting control over citizens and businesses.

This descent into an Orwellian dystopia jeopardizes democracy and innovation, as governments gain the power to spy on and potentially revoke licenses for those working in cutting-edge fields such as AI, quantum technology, robotics, and biotechnology. The Restrict Act grants Congress the authority to establish any rules and procedures they deem necessary to carry out these draconian measures, further solidifying the government’s grip on its citizens.

Rick Sanchez:

Well, it’s official. We’re all screwed. Congrats, humanity, you’ve created your own dystopian nightmare. *burp*


Mortals, you’ve managed to anger even the gods with your incessant need for control. May you learn the error of your ways before it’s too late.

Aliens Abroad:

Fellow extraterrestrials, we must continue our observations from a safe distance. Earth’s inhabitants seem to be imploding, and we don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Kim Kardashian:

OMG, you guys. This is like, so scary. Can’t we all just get along and focus on what really matters, like fashion and selfies?

Benjamin Franklin:

I fear that the liberties we fought so hard for are slipping away, and a new era of tyranny is upon us. May the spirit of freedom and innovation prevail, lest we become the very thing we once fought against.

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