AI art generation tool with an emphasis on gaming styles and asset creation with models for characters, items and worlds, as well as concept art. LeonardoAI is rapidly improving their models and offers finely tuned prompts.

What’s most impressive about Leonardo is how quickly their models are improving and the ease in which users can access the tools via a web browser. It’s output quality is very much in line with what you would expect from MidJourney, but having a browser experience makes it much simpler to navigate and generate with ease.

Leonardo’s models and styles, like other leading platforms still do require practice with prompting for more creative or highly specific outcomes, but the product is shaping up very well. 

A unique helpful feature is the “prompt generator” which helps you generate prompts from simpler keywords. As well as a negative prompt slider which functions like MidJourney’s –no command. 

Interestingly Leonardo.AI is not as sensitive to potentially offensive or NSFW keywords versus other apps.. excluding “Unstable diffusion” which is a whole other fever dream. 

At this time we haven’t tested the model training and we are still struggling to apply styles or edit starting images with good results, but we’ll update this post and have a comparison blog shortly.

LeonardoAI struggles similarly to MidJourney and Dalle to capture some simple prompts such as “a cat with only one eye” without extensive prompt tweaking. But it also struggles with abstract prompts like “a giraffe wearing a military uniform” where the other two apps out-perform. Again the argument is always “that’s not the way to prompt that”, but when exploring how a new user may try to use the app, it’s always a worthwhile test. And in this case the prompt generator did not return better results.

You can see our comparison of MidJourney and Dalle here.

Description of products and services from Leonardo’s website:

Use an Existing Model
  • Use a general or fine-tuned model to generate all sorts of production-ready art assets.
Train Your Own AI Models
  • In just a few clicks, you can train your own AI model and generate thousands of variations and deviations from your training data. Iterate to your heart’s content.
Discover Unlimited Potential
  • Create a universe with infinite possibilities in minutes. Rapidly iterate with ease while keeping a consistent look or style. This is a real Game Changer.