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Block Party: ‘Buildar’ App Sparks Global Building Frenzy

A new mobile app, “Buildar”, has taken the world by storm with its innovative take on gaming and social engagement. The app, which launched a global challenge last week, allows citizens in different cities to collect, earn and use virtual building blocks to collectively build the first digital wonders of the world.

With a nod to games like “Age of Empires”, Buildar’s wonders require a mix of building blocks from common to ultra-rare. Unlike other games, users cannot purchase building blocks, but can earn them through challenges such as daily steps, gathering with others in specific places or purchasing products from sponsoring brands. The first major city to build a great wonder will receive 80% of the funds generated by the app for community development.

Cities all over the world have taken up the challenge, with Parisian citizens pooling together to build one part of a six-part wonder called “Cats Rule the World” and New Yorkers creating the base of a “Double Cheeseburger Wonder”. But it’s not just about competition, citizens around the world are having fun with building their own wonders, and what it’s symbolizing about their community.

“I love the idea of building something together as a community, it’s a fun way to bond with people and make a difference in our city,” said Sarah Johnson, a Buildar user from New York.

Base of the double cheeseburger in central park, New York, USA

Even celebrities are getting in on the action, with singer and actor Justin Timberlake joining in on the fun. “I love the idea of bringing people together through building and creating something amazing,” said Timberlake in an interview. “I’m excited to see what we can build in my hometown of Memphis.”

However, there are some concerns that the app is becoming too popular and may result in increased competition and pressure for users to spend real money to acquire building blocks. But the developers assure that they are constantly monitoring the game and adjusting its features to ensure fair play for all players.

With users around the world working together to build digital wonders, Buildar is proving to be more than just a game, it’s a way to bring people together and create something truly remarkable.

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